Cabaret Gebirtig - 3e édition
23 June 2023

Mordkhe Gebirtig was born in 1877. His life is closely associated with the city of Krakow, where he was murdered in 1942 on his way to the Belzec extermination camp. His work, from "Motele" to "Avreml der marvikher", from "Dos lid fun geldenem land" to "Undzer shtetl brent", has travelled the world. His songs have been sung by dozens of performers and translated into several languages. He is one of the most popular Yiddish songwriters. With Talila (vocals, link in french), Alain Speiser (guitar), Annick Prime-Margules (readings), Gilles Rozier (narrator) and a dozen choristers from Mélo'Men.

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